The Yomazuka Dimension

The Organization, Brand and Collection

For the last year, we have been working on a collection of unique Japanese inspired NFTs (ERC-721A). The collection will be the face outwards for our brand and organization, Yomazuka, living on the Ethereum blockchain. We started developing this project because we wanted to give something back and because we genuinely believe our methodology on change & communication will create something unique. Something that NEVER has been done before. A brand & organization for the people, created by the people and driven by the people. The Yomazuka delivery model will provide holders with passive income paid as dividends while also allowing them to take decisions and be a part of something unique.

Short Intro to the Decentralized Autonomous Organization

The emerging space of web3 is highly versatile. It is, therefore, imperative to be able to move quickly and take decisions. The word agile is central to success. And this is what we strive to be. We will venture into what makes sense and what the family decides on. The main goal of the DAO is to generate profits and distribute these to the holders eligible for dividend payments. We believe this will reflect a high floor price and create a transparent organization. More information on what a DAO is and the voting structure can be found here: DAO.

The Collection and Areas of Interest

The collection will, as mentioned, consist of unique Japanese inspired women. We are a diverse and open family that wishes all-new family members welcome. We love to chat, share ideas, and develop as humans. The Yomazuka family is a fierce group of women who always stand up for themselves and fight for what they believe in. Women rights and equality is a central family topic. We will discuss and engage in this together as we move forward to help raise awareness all over the world. We do also stand up against all type of harassment and racism. We as a family know from life experience that a lot of people have a hard time standing up for themselves. We hope this family can help some people with this. We will co-create more important topics of interest for the family. Let’s see if we can make a difference together

The Future will be Co-Created

The future steps for the Yomazuka family will be co-created with the community and subject matter experts. Therefore, we in the core team have decided not to implement any roadmap. A roadmap is a fixed setup with different deliverables outlined for specific times in the future. This does not resonate well with us and goes against our core values and experience on how to deliver successful projects and long-term sustainable impact for an organization. Therefore, a predefined roadmap is not aligned with how we want to create Yomazuka. We develop, we evolve, and we improve. We will do this together as a family.

Initial Direction

To set the sails in the “right” direction, the core team have created some guiding principles on how we want to be defined as a family. These encompass our aspirations and vision & mission, to mention a few. They can be found under “family protocols”. We hope these steps will help facilitate a good start on this journey. We will continuously revisit the protocols together and co-create the new steps for the family.

Family Guidelines

We believe every family need a leader to take some important decisions to prevent things from falling into chaos. This is how we perceive our role at the start of this journey.

The Yomazuka way. The only way…

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